Free Video Training: The Managed Dealership Floor

    Evaluate, Train and Implement A Managed Dealership Floor Airing every Tuesday morning starting June 20th, 2017 on CBT’s The Tom Stuker Show, Stuker will present his free 4-week dealership training video series ‘The Managed Floor’. Within this groundbreaking series, Tom will give you the resources to evaluate, train and implement a managed dealership floor. To access these training videos click here. Episode 1: Now’s The Time To Think Managed Dealership Floor Airing June 20th, 2017 In this series opener, Tom will lay down the facts. What is a managed floor, what does it mean to have a...

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Money Making Secrets Within The Special Finance Office

Special Finance Expert Wes Crumby Reveals How to Turn a $600 Deal into a $3,000 Deal and More… Wes Crumby, owner of Subprime Dealer Services, joined Tom Stuker at CBT News to air a feature segment on special finance. Wes shares his knowledge and experience on the subprime industry, lenders, inventory, responsibilities, best practices, and how to make more profit per sale by putting in the extra time. Special finance is for every dealership no matter the size or type. Dealerships averaging 80 units a month have the opportunity to move 115 units a month by adding special finance to the...

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Tom Stuker: Keynote Speaker at Marketplace Master Dealership Series

Stuker Joins 40+ Presenters At First Annual Marketplace Master Expo & Conference Tom Stuker will be traveling to Dallas Texas at the beginning of September to host a special keynote presentation for the attendees of the first annual Marketplace Master Dealership Series Expo and Conference. Focusing on dealership marketing and sales, dealers and automotive professionals can expect to walk away with an abundance of new skills and resources. Along with 40+ other speakers, ranging in various automotive and marketing backgrounds, Tom will be presenting on his popular topic ‘Building A Winning Sales Team’. During this session, he will teach...

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Install A Proactive, Managed Culture Within Your Dealership

Ditch the reactive culture. Proactive achieves results. Dealerships nationwide have been considering shifting from a traditional open floor within their dealership to a more proactive, managed culture that is appointment driven. But why? Well, most of them are looking to answer this industry wide question- If my salespeople are at work for such long hours, why am I not seeing a better ROI? Let’s be honest. Spending hours waiting for walk-in traffic is not going to give your salespeople the pay raise that they’re looking for. The key to sales success within the automotive industry is being proactive. You most...

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Stuker Summer Pay Raise Sale

PICK FROM 6 DIFFERENT TRAINING PACKAGES STARTING AT $99.95 DURING THE SUMMER PAY RAISE SALE!   Deals For Dealerships: Guaranteed Sales Success Manual Quantity 10+ $74.95 each 1 Month Online Virtual Training & 5 Manuals $995.95 In-House Training starting at $2,000!   Deals For Individuals: Guaranteed Sales Success Manual $99.95 1 Month Online Virtual Training & 1 Manual $295.95 Sales Packs $199.95 1 Manual Total Opportunity Management Log Referral Prospecting Pad ‘Who Do You Know?’ Lapel Pin     HURRY! OFFER EXPIRES JULY 1,...

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